Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nearly Over

Week in my life is nearly a goner. What a week it has been. Quite intense journalling events/ conversations/ quirkly little everyday things all week long. 300 plus photos- MY WORD! Of course they won't all be used in the album.

I learnt that my life isn't as mundane as I may think (at times)- I am blessed with gorgeous kids and beautiful people around me....It's all about the little things. Oh and we do live in a little paradise.

A few more pics and then it's off to bed for me..


  1. Hey Sal
    I look forward to seeing your finished product! Hope you are going to post on here!

  2. What a nice family picture!!! I am looking forward to the finished product too! Love the idea... Iemke

  3. Thanks! Yes will post as I go...