Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in My Life Sat

J is sooo over having his picture taken. LOL!

Mummy crafting time. Love it.

Kebabs for tea. Wohoo no cooking.

The chicks are kissing...nawww...

Ollie's just started 'reading' to his little brother. So nice for mumma to see.

Grateful today for pain meds as I have had excrutiating toothache. Will be ringing the dentist Monday to fast track my appointment. Yuck.

Thanks for popping by.

Week in My Life Fri




Rough and Tumbling...


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Challenge Me Happy 3

Had fun with paint, distress ink and glimmer mist for the sketch over at Challenge Me Happy. Acetate, a doily, chipboard, fabric and stitching thrown in as well.

From memory, 'Pollock' was an Abstract Expressionist who used a brush to fling paint onto large canvases, typically on the ground I think. So here's my "wee Pollock"....

Week in My Life Thurs

It has become so apparent to me this week that when your kids are getting on, it makes life so much easier!

This week it has been all about the marbles! A wee accident......

Off on an adventure. Love pics of the wee fellas from behind.

Love this. Had been doing some pretend play (mummy and daddy, doctor and patient).

Raspberry and white chocolate muffins. Baking and giving...

A play date filled with performances...

..and Christmas decorations.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in My Life Weds

Fav moment today was when I gave Ol a wee peck on his head, then J came up and said "my turn" so gave him a kiss and he gave me one back. It's the simple things...

The kids and I were out the door at 8:20! Miracle. A moving truck was going to be blocking the drive so a good excuse for a family coffee at our home away from home MEGA (lol)- great coffee and close by.

Just waking up from afo nap- nawww!!

J (2 years) has been obsessively into marbles this week. Carting them round in various vessels. Am finding them all over the house. Here mummy got to pick them up before someone went for a skate. LOL

Evening chilling. Giddy-up dad!

O has been getting into pic taking too! Some are not too bad.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in My Life Mon/Tues

So in NZ it is winter... If you are new to my blog my boys are 2 (J) and 4 1/2 years(O).

Week in my Life this week- see

I did this project last year. It's AWESOME to look back on. I have found that the project really does record the little things that may otherwise be forgotten.

Overheard: J "I carry you bag...I carry you"
J copying O- "Num num butt" (translation yummy yummy for my butt) and cracking up.... Cute in a 2 year old (not that I made mention of that to them LOL), not so much in a 4 year old....

Observation- way too much POOP talk going on Mr 4!!!!!!!!!!!

Grateful for 'me' time to work and create.

Lucky that my hubby brings me cappas.......!!!

Off to work Tuesday morning....

Love that O likes creating- he made a glitter glue person

A gorgeous moment....

LOVE that the boys are getting along better than last week.

O said "put it (truck) here please sir" to J. Cute.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soar- A mini

This is my latest project for Scrap Box NZ- a vintage mini. More pics and product details can be found over there-

Thanks for popping in! Sally.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Challenge Me Happy #2

'Twas a colour challenge this time over at Challenge Me Happy. Here's my picture of Christmas! A happy, sunny page reflecting a kiwi Christmas.

Thought Ol's orange hat and blue top worked well with the overall scheme. PPs are mostly 7 Gypsies. Is this where I mention the KIWI pav?! LOL

Sure am looking forward to seeing that sun again. Hugs, S.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sweet and simple little cards using Cosmo's 'Togetherness' birds. I think they are little sleepy partridges, correct me if I'm wrong.

A little bit of Baker's Twine (Scrap Box NZ) and some kindy glitz to dress up Mr Blue. {Heart} this MS border punch- use it heaps (also from S B NZ).

Hugs. Hope you're having a nice weekend. Going to bake some cranberry and white chocolate cookies now. Yummo! xo

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrate Crate

Don't think I could ever get enough of Crate's yummy patterned papers and chipboard. So much fun to use. Great for my style and wee guys. Here's a layout I did when I met a friend in Rai Valley (??!!) LOL for a nice 24 hour escape.

I have no idea why the next two pics have been turned on their side by blogger but you get the idea anyway.

It's a rainy, cold wintery afternoon. Will have to think of some creative ideas to fill in the time with Mr 2 and Mr 4. A labeling game with 'post it' notes? Maybe make and bake some dough beads for threading? We'll see. Thanks for stopping by. S.