Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrate Crate

Don't think I could ever get enough of Crate's yummy patterned papers and chipboard. So much fun to use. Great for my style and wee guys. Here's a layout I did when I met a friend in Rai Valley (??!!) LOL for a nice 24 hour escape.

I have no idea why the next two pics have been turned on their side by blogger but you get the idea anyway.

It's a rainy, cold wintery afternoon. Will have to think of some creative ideas to fill in the time with Mr 2 and Mr 4. A labeling game with 'post it' notes? Maybe make and bake some dough beads for threading? We'll see. Thanks for stopping by. S.


  1. Hi, I love this page...your work is beautifull and your kids are so cute.

  2. Ooh...this is adorable! Love Crate papers...I just got some too! :)

    Hope you get better weather soon Sally....Happy weekend! :)