Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in My Life Mon/Tues

So in NZ it is winter... If you are new to my blog my boys are 2 (J) and 4 1/2 years(O).

Week in my Life this week- see

I did this project last year. It's AWESOME to look back on. I have found that the project really does record the little things that may otherwise be forgotten.

Overheard: J "I carry you bag...I carry you"
J copying O- "Num num butt" (translation yummy yummy for my butt) and cracking up.... Cute in a 2 year old (not that I made mention of that to them LOL), not so much in a 4 year old....

Observation- way too much POOP talk going on Mr 4!!!!!!!!!!!

Grateful for 'me' time to work and create.

Lucky that my hubby brings me cappas.......!!!

Off to work Tuesday morning....

Love that O likes creating- he made a glitter glue person

A gorgeous moment....

LOVE that the boys are getting along better than last week.

O said "put it (truck) here please sir" to J. Cute.

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  1. My nearly 4yo is into the poo-poo talk too - most frustrating