Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in My Life Weds

Fav moment today was when I gave Ol a wee peck on his head, then J came up and said "my turn" so gave him a kiss and he gave me one back. It's the simple things...

The kids and I were out the door at 8:20! Miracle. A moving truck was going to be blocking the drive so a good excuse for a family coffee at our home away from home MEGA (lol)- great coffee and close by.

Just waking up from afo nap- nawww!!

J (2 years) has been obsessively into marbles this week. Carting them round in various vessels. Am finding them all over the house. Here mummy got to pick them up before someone went for a skate. LOL

Evening chilling. Giddy-up dad!

O has been getting into pic taking too! Some are not too bad.

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