Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain Rain

Today is a wintery old rainy day. So Mr 4 1/2, Mr 2 and I are all inside at home for the day. Me with a bit of a cold. We have made a zoo, an awesome train track, set up a reading snuggle spot and baked scones. Now Mr 2 is napping, Ol has TV for a bit and I can enter the bloggisphere for a short while.

First up 'Ol' (not 01 as the title may appear). We recently had a 'Mummy Ollie' trip and it was sooo nice having that one on one time and visiting my bro in Welly. Next time we'll have to stay longer as I have heaps of friends there to catch up with. Papers are from MME.

...and a sweet birthday card for a wee fella. Don't think I will ever tire of banners. These banner stamps are also MME from Scrap Box NZ.

{Hugs} xoSal


  1. Sounds like a nice cosy had me with the scones!!! :)

    Lovely layout...your boy is adorable! And such a sweet birthday the banner! :)

    P/s: Your new sunglasses sound fabulous! :)

  2. And I was lucky enough to witness the making of the layout on a rainy day!

  3. Hey Sal
    Super layout! :)
    Love the 10 things I love about you! :)
    Lots of love