Thursday, December 29, 2011

Manilla Folder Vintage Pockets

These were made in a class I recently attended here in Nelson (NZ), run by a local lady Suzanne Van De Geest.  We upcycled manilla folders.  Quite a cool idea.  I like the colour palatte and the design could be adapted for the guys in our lives.

I love the tag feature with the teeny tiny chipboard key.  Managed to source a pack of them (Dusty Attic).  yah.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas folks.  We were in Christchurch and were a little unnerved by the aftershocks.  Not used to the quakes that they are experiencing down there.  Now we're back home and there's flood/slip warnings for some parts of our city/area.  Our poor little country is having a bit of a rough time.

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