Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jungle Party

Jungle card using Stampin' Up stamps.  Don't own these but they are too cute LOL

I love the creative planning and of party ideas around a theme.  Having the time and energy to execute these ideas is another story- especially right before Christmas LOL.  Needless to say that it all went well- but I was thankful that I wan't making Christmas dinner this year as I had had enough of the kitchen by then.

Lion cupcakes.  Not quite like the magazine pic but quite cute
The SNAKE cake that took 2 1/2 hours to decorate.  Each 'scale' had to be rolled flat and colour sorted.  Not hard, just time consuming.  Fortunately I had my bro and SIL visiting for help with rolling and moral support.  LOL

Hope the holidays are going well bloggers. xoSally.  


  1. Oh wow what a cake. Thats pretty impressive.

  2. Wow you do put a lot of efforts into the kids parties! Great job!

  3. Love the Lion cupcakes! :) Very impressive Sal! Hope Gavin helped too! :)
    Cait's just had her party a week ago and my Gavin was no where to be found! Purposefully went to work.
    Great work Sal! :) Happy belated birthday Ol!

  4. What a fabulous cake! Makes me feel ashamed as I have been buying the icing transfers and sticking them to the top of a round cake!
    Lowri :-)