Sunday, March 25, 2012


What a busy day it was yesterday... 

Had a stall at the baby fair for Parent's Centre.  Was pretty tired afterwards but saw heaps of people I knew going through and exceeded my expectations re. what I made so that's all good.  I resorted to drinking instant coffee **shock horror**!!!!!!!  Got desperate an hour later so was sent out on a coffee mission and had to use a plastic box lid as an umbrella.  Decided it was better to be embarassed than wet LOL

Then Gav was kind enough to 'let me out' again (LOL) for scrapping.  Arrived TIRED and left ENERGISED.  Gotta love scrapping.

THEN out for tea for my friend Lyn's Birthday.  Fortunately I managed to keep it a surprise when we were scrapping in the afo after almost letting it slip a couple of times. 

These PPs are quite different to what I normally use.  The background is Glitz Designs, the photo mat is Websters and the rest Fancy Pants.

Looking forward to a catch up day today and hanging with my boys.  Blessings.  Sally xo


  1. You coffee addict you ;-) Lovely work Sally.

  2. Yes that would be a fairly accurate statement LOL But it could be much much worse!!!

  3. Hey, theres nothing wrong with instant!!!! ROFL. Ahhh...back to scrapping - lovely work. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Love the little birds and the cards, well done sal