Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Picture Scrapbooking

All of my projects posted today I made as part of the Big Picture Scrapbooking course I am doing- Dimensional Details by Nic Howard.  Keeping up so far, which is a small miracle and am very glad to be doing it.

Below- focus was on multi photos.  Not my thing usually but very happy with the result. Notice the inking up behind the photos.  Like this idea.

The canvas wasn't a project for BP per-se, just needed a LO break.  Used Nic's concepts of the week to create the mini canvas for a friend's birthday.  Was intending to use the gel medium but didn't.  Long story. All good.  Will use it soon.

This was week one.  Can't remember the focus.  Quite different for me to use circles I realise.  Dug into my stash for this one. LOL

Titles was the theme for below.  Quite like the separating idea (i.e. pot-ter-ing).  Hadn't done a washi banner before either.  I made the dragonfly during the outing (LO theme).

LOVE this last one.  The pic doesn't do it justice.  Sewing is the theme.  Stitched the wrinkle ribbon, around the border and hand sewed the button.  And yes my boys are growing up. 
Arohanui.  Sally xox


  1. A worthwhile course by the looks of things and lots of photos getting scrapped. Awesome job.:)

  2. You have been a busy lady Sally! But now I'm interested to find out why you didn't use the gel medium ;-)

  3. Wahoo love these you might need to bring the latest additions to our lunch date pleaseee?
    I Would love to see them.

  4. Great LO Sal - can you email so i can answer your question please from DD?

  5. Lovely to see your gorgeous boys! :) Growing up! Miss you sweets. :)
    Gorgeous layouts!