Saturday, April 20, 2013

Winding down...

Have finished with my speech therapy clients and just have a report and programme to collate.  Then my games and resources go down to the storage cupboard in the garage which will clear the floor a bit in my office/ craft room.  Yah.  It is high time I finish as the sheer act of getting ready to get out the door is hard enough, let alone carting my (heavy) box of tricks up and down the stairs and everywhere.
Here's my naturalist setting up our worm farm.  It's been great for the garden.  Now I'm no gardener- but we're still getting strawberries in April- that's about a 6 month season I believe?! 

It was fun altering the wooden spoon for the cafe competition.  If you visit the Wooden Spoon Cafe in Richmond you will probably see it on the wall somewhere...  Might be nice to make one for our kitchen wall now.  Add it to the list LOL.

Off to the movies with master 6 on this rainy old day.  I can see more lego creations happening today and a bit more of my bubba hat knitted.  Might even make a pot of pumpkin soup for tea.  Num num.   {hugs} Sally.


  1. Enjoy the movies and yum on the pumpkin soup - it sure is that sort of day.

  2. Awww no trip to Paris just yet!!! ROFL. Enjoy the next few weeks and hope you get time to put your feet up and sneak in a few nana naps too. ;) See you soon :)