Friday, May 17, 2013


Hello blog, I'm still alive ROFL. 
Finished work (well paid work that is) and am enjoying mornings to myself as Mr (almost) 4 has started morning kindy.  It's amazing how fast the 'me-time' goes.  Balancing productive tasks with a bit of creative time.  My nesting seems to be including sorting out craft stuff.  So I have bought a few more containers for my expanding embellishment collection, a bag for my knitting needles, more clear files for patterns and sticker sheets.... you get the idea! 
** Challenged myself to not buy any patterned paper for the month of May, which I have stuck to so far **  !!!  Impressed?  LOL 
Query:  Sometimes when I upload photos to blogger, they get rotated.  Any idea of why this is happening and how to prevent or fix??

Got stuck in and made a few bubba cards.  Tis the season after all LOL.

Less than 3 weeks to go now.  So could be anytime really.  How am I feeling?  Tired, daunted, excited, semi organised, over heart burn.  That's about it.

Hugs.  Sally.


  1. Okay baby you don't have to wait for the date I gave ;-) Glad to hear your getting some me time Sally.

  2. June 1st is still a good date for me!!! ROFL. Enjoy your me-time whilst you can and nothing beats a bit of organising/nesting. LOL Yes, very impressed at the no paper buying and sorry, have no idea about blogger rotating the photos.

  3. Gosh the time has gone so fast (you probably don't think so, comfort wise). Nearly time, how exciting, make most of that me time. It's a rare thing what ever age they are!!!

    The blogger rotating the photo's may have something to do with the size of them. Resize them and see what happens. It doesn't change the size they appear on blogger, it's just a bit like making them smaller for email sending. Hope that helps and take care.