Friday, May 14, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

A friend (Lisa) nominated my for this award, so I need to continue by telling 10 facts about me and passing it on to my ten fav bloggers...So here goes...
1. I realised today that I talk to my products in my head ("dry clear glue") LOL
2. I like tidy, order, organised, peace and quiet and 9 hrs sleep. Not happening.
3. I think of scrapbooking ideas to get through the mundane.
4. I am a Wellingtonian.
5. I was a Rotary exchange student for a year in Canada.
6. I am working in my profession again, for a few hours/ week.
7. I want to travel again one day.
8. I made bread for the first time today. Yum!
9. I have been stamping for about 17 years.
10. I am soon to be a guest designer. Watch this space.

Fav blogs to come...(out of steam)

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