Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Curious Mind!

My latest project over at

I think that this might quite possibly be my most favourite mini yet. Loved how the Stampin' Up papers coordinated with lots of my vintage supplies- trims, pins, buttons, lace....

There are a few pages so will post more over the next week. You will gather that my 3 1/2 year old asks a LOT of questions. Sometimes we play the game "lets see who can be the quietest for the longest" LOL....
Happy Thursday!! Yahhh it's SPRING at long last.


  1. I love all the little details, it's gorgeous!!
    Yaaay for Spring!!!

  2. Wow! Such a gorgeous mini! Love all the pretty attention to details!

    P/s: I play the quiet time game with my nephews doesn't always work :)

  3. omgosh he is so cute!! we play the quiet game a lot too. my kids stink at it

    LOVE the mini album. such happy colors & i love those layered butterflies.