Wednesday, September 8, 2010


As I am blogging the TV is on and more on the devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch New Zealand in the early hours Saturday morning. We are 4.5 hours away but it is so hard to imagine. I have friends who are 'Facebooking' about the disaster but I just can't put myself in the shoes of people who have lost their homes, businesses, possessions.... Billions of dollars of damage. My little life just carries on here, with this devastation just hours away...

I am thankful that no lives were lost. I hope and pray for my friends, family and all the people down there in the midst of the disaster that they can pull together and get through this unsettled time. I pray that the worst is over. I pray for CALM over the minds of the people. All the aftershocks must be so unnerving.

Thinking of you lovely people....xoxoxoxox

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