Sunday, August 21, 2011


From time to time, lists are quite a neat way of succinctly and clearing recording information. As I had done a 'pre-two' list for my eldest I thought it would be nice to do again for James.
Don't you just love Mr Bunnykins! I saw that Lyn (from 'The Scrapbook Store') had used him on a project on her blog a while back and fortunately she had some of the Sassafrass paper left. I used a black and white photo as I thought it would tie in better with the softer papers.

Translation: Runners=running away! (Eek had a dream about that last night...not fun)

Happy Crafting Peeps!

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  1. Hi Sal
    LOVE this page! Very special! :)
    When is James's birthday?
    Blessings! :)