Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week in My Life Sunday

It's nice incorporating a family outing into Sunday. The boys LOVED the big engines outside Founders.

Founders is one of my fav places to take the boys...ducks, lotsa places to trike/ scooter, rooms to explore, a playground, a plane and tractor to climb, a cafe... And it's free for locals.

Gav was a but gutted that the cafe was closed for winter.

EVERY time I'm in the kitchen doing anything J has to "look" "look". Drives me a bit bats. LOL

Week in My Life is over. It's sooo good doing but I'm always ready to stop journalling and taking pics when it's over. Took about 400 pics, of course not all will be used. Think I appreciate my little guys and my not so boring life even more.


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