Friday, April 13, 2012

Mud and braces

A couple of pre retreat layouts to share.  The hexagon papers available at the moment are quite fun to use for a change.  Spontaneous mud adventures= fun but that white T-shirt was never quite the same.  Baby Levi was quite happy to be part of the action.  There's something about boys and mud- kinda like peas and carrots.

Prima PP above.  Jamesie wearing Gav's childhood braces. 

The boys and I crossing the strait on the looooooooooooooong ferry trip at Easter.  Good to do, but that will be it for a year or two. LOL


  1. Great layouts Sally. LOL on the ferry crossing - hard yakka watching who is going where, when on a boat!

  2. And how cute are those braces??? :) Bet the boys loved the ferry crossing though. LOL