Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good times

I am still pretty pumped from my girly weekend away in Kaikoura last weekend. I can't stop raving about it! Words won't do it justice. Three lovely ladies that I have met through the wonderful art of scrapbooking were kind enough to include me in this weekend escape. I only met Trace and Vicki in March this year, Brenda more recently than that. But it was easy. It was fun. Conversation and laughs just flowed. Let's face it, there's always something to talk about in the scrapping world!!  Not to mention the food.  Being cooked for is such an amazing treat.  A delicious roast cooked by Trace and a YUMMO brekkie by Brenda.  I was soooo spoilt with the RAKS.  Love language tanks are filled up! 
So here we are!  The fab four!  Giggle.

Yes we found Atomic coffee outside the quilting shop.  Shall we say that I was somewhat pleased by this!  LOL

Ollie had asked me to bring home a picture of the seals.  So Brenda was very accomodating in stopping on the way a few times?!  It was a little hair raising- in a good way.  Especially when Brenda tooted the horn and I thought I was going to be chased by a seal that I didn't even realise was there. ROFL

We had a surprise high tea for Brendie.  Trace whisked her out to buy broccoli which she had 'forgotten' and they took the scenic route back.  I madly iced cupcakes while Vicki did everything else LOL.  The question is....where did that cupcake nozzle go?????

We had resin and Opals 101 tutorials.  "Da-daaaaaaaar".  FUN.  Resin- you can't muck around and glimmer mix in the mixture- not such a good idea.  Thanks ladies these were awesome.
There you have it!  Just about covers in....haven't mentioned the shopping.  Was so cool not to be pressured by kids (and the engineer)....Found some bargains at the market, and some gifties for stockings etc.  All good and probably enough prattling.

Without futher ado I had better MOVE IT MOVE IT and get to the jobs and my boys.  Brenda be impressed that I did a post- not just a link to your three blogs bahahahahahah.

Thanks ladies, it was awesome and I appreciated (and appreciate) every minute of it.  Especially the bunny moment ROFL.  Miss you. xo


  1. We like to move it move it. ROFL. It was a fantastic weekend and so glad you came. Less said about bunnies the better but I still get the giggles. ROFL

  2. And next time, we'll make sure that we have the coffee places sorted as part of the deal LOL.

  3. Ahhh the Bunny nod nod wink winksay no more..Rofl...!!! Wow yes we sure did have an Awesome time from start to finish, great company, great food and surprises to boot..Thankyou for everything. xx