Saturday, September 8, 2012

Young and Free

First 2 up are my latest big picture creations from Nic Howard's Dimensional Details.  Loving this course and I'm going to miss it when it finishes in a month.  Wouldn't hesitate to sign up for another course as the learning and inspiration makes it worth it!!

Hubby and I YOUNG AND FREE prekids.  Like another life in a way.

Finally one of Lyn Jordan's class pages.  I adjusted the LO to suit, as she had 3 pics on her original.

Another wet weekend day.  Kinda hard with our two energy filled boys of 3 and 5.  Bring on the spring sunshine I say.  {hugs} S xo 


  1. They look great Sally. Young and free pre-kids, those were the days but then you get old(er) and it goes the other way and you have no kids at home again. IYKWIM. LOL. 6 sleeps!! :)

  2. Gorgeous work Sally. I love all the detail and dimension on the pre kids layout.

  3. Hi sweets
    Love your work! Like normal! :)
    Weve had months of sun here! No rain for about 3 months! Ground bone dry!
    Nice to have sometime to look at your gorgeous work! :)