Saturday, November 24, 2012

You never know....

You never know what's around the corner!  Too true.  Sometimes I think it's probably better that you don't know.  When you're younger people graduate, get married, have babies...then as you get older people divorce, people get sick, some people die....
Life just happens.  It's never always good.  That's life.

So if you'd told me 4 or 5 months ago that later this year we would be expecting our third child.  I would not have believed you.  Why?  Because it was not part of 'our' plan.  We were happy having our two beautiful, healthy boys.  We are past the nappy stage.  I was building my business back up.  Things are easier.  But guess what.....

Life happens!  

Happy Saturday everyone xo


  1. I love that you've done a layout on this...And you know I'm so happy for you both. *Thinks about 'that' FB conversation* ROFL.

  2. Love this layout and you know how I feel about your news too. :) Yep, life happens and plans change but its all good. :)

  3. And you know How I feel about your news too. Very excited for you all. LOl at the LO and the conversation we had about that too.. Hope we 3 are of some help to you. Birds of a feather flock together..xoxo

  4. As much of a shock as it is, you will make it work, you are a wonderful Mum! I look forward to hearing more throughout the pregnancy! Many blessings! Lots of love Sal! :)