Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Blessings

How are you doing?  Surviving the crazy season?  I am quite enjoying all the festivities.  I think being organised helps.  It sure is busy though.  Master five has 3 birthday parties this week (including his own).  Have a few Christmasy things to share today.....
So firstly some of my tags.  You may have seen them posted already on the Scrapbox NZ blog.  I love using shipping tags.  So fun to distress and embellish. 

A few Chrissy cards. Most of them have PTI stamps.  Yum yum.

One of my wee owlies made using the silhouette cameo.  This must be my fav 3D item.  This wee guy was made for Ol's teacher.  I refrained from writing "thanks for making me wise" LOL.

Big smiles from Mstr almost 6!  Out for lunch in Mapua.

 Last but not least, some crafting with the wee fellas.


  1. Being organised the key I think too. Am getting there with my list and only a couple of things left to do. Yay for birthday parties on top of it all though. Did he have a good one?? LOL

  2. Oh dear that first bit doesn't read right - maybe I'm not as onto it as I thought?? ROFL

  3. Well done! My problem is I keep adding things to my list... Better carry on!

  4. Now there's a card in there that I really like LOL (it could be that it's because it's hanging on my wall right now lol). Love the photos of your boys Sally, and that owl is seriously cute.