Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mr Three

The night before- clutching the balloon.  Too cute.

Teddy racers.  I got the 'recipe' from Pinterest. 

The boys and I made planes using the Cameo.  It was the free shape this week.  Excellent timing Silhouette!

More Pinterest inspiration....  Train in behind (again made using the Cameo).

Last but not least, the racing track cake as chosen by Mr Three!

Blessings.  Sally.


  1. "WOW" one lucky little boy to have such a clever Mummy. Love the Teddy racers and the plane and Train are awesome..

  2. What a wonderful job you did Sally. Love all the transport related food, very cute.

  3. Such a cute photo with the balloon. LOL. Yahoo you made the teddy racers from Pinterest. What would we do without our internet inspiration and our tools LOL. Happy birthday.

  4. Hi Sally - i am a Silhouette owner too - and a friend of Brenda's. Isn't the plane file just the coolest freeie!

    1. Thanks for introducing yourself! I checked out some of your pins on Pinterest and will have a squiz at your blog when I can. Gotta love Silhouettes!!

  5. They are all awesome - great inspiration from Pinterest! Love how you are getting such great use from the Cameo (and not all scrapbooking things) - Happy Birthday - such a lucky and big boy now!