Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A lesson in hydrolics

One of the benefits of not having a manicured (landscaped!) section has been the creative dirt and water play for the boys.  So on this particular day I said to hubby (AKA the engineer) something like "Are you happy with them using all that water?".  The engineer's response... yeah they're fine "IT'S A LESSON IN HYDROLICS"....LOL

And a gift sack for one of my son's wee friends.  Fun doing girly girl for a change.  Inside was lip gloss, fairy stickers and a pretty little bracelet.  How girly is that!

Hope your week's going well.  We've passed 'hump Wednesday'.  2 days till the weekend.  Blessings.  Sal. :)


  1. Got to love the "lessons" LOL. Cute girly present too.

  2. Nothing quite as cool as water and dirt - they were learning about science as well lol.

  3. LOVE the layout and the title! LOL Gavin! :)

    What a pretty gift bag! :)